Indian Council of Medical Research Indian Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Reproductive Health Indian Council of Medical Research
International Symposium on
Accelerating Research on Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Reproductive Health
11-12 December 2012 | New Delhi, India - India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road


Opening Remarks

Meeting Objectives - Nomita Chandhiok (ICMR)
The New Horizon - Judy Manning (USAID)

Session 1: The need for MPTs: Overview of epidemiological trends and the rationale for MPTs

The Need for MPTs: Global overview of epidemiological trends and rationale for MPTs
Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan (WHO)

HIV-1, STDs and RH situation in China and the need for MPT
Allen Wu (Nanjing University)

Need for MPTs in India
Badri Saxena (CPR)

Key Discussant:
The Need for MPTs: Overview of epidemiological trends and rationale for MPTs
J. Subanna (BPHRC)

Session 2: The use of existing RH preventive technologies: challenges and potential approaches to increase utilization

What Have We Learned From other Reproductive Health Technologies?
Martha Brady (Population Council)

Overview of Family Planning Programme in India
S.K. Sikdar (MOHFW)

Potential for increasing use of barrier methods in India
Dinesh Aggarwal (UNFPA)

Session 3: Status of MPT research and development (R&D)

From Ideal to Real: The MPT R&D Pipeline
Judy Manning (USAID)

BioRings Vaginal Ring
Mukul Singh (Cornell Univ)

Review of MPTs in the Product Development Pipeline
Indian Perspective
Satish Gupta (NII)

Key Discussant:
The Effect of Intervaginal Basant in Patients with Cervical Intraepithelical Neoplasma and HPV DNA
G P Talwar (TRF)

Session 4: Effective communication and its impact on R&D

Communication Tools to Advance Support for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) in India Using a Messaging Framework to Coordinate Advocacy of MPTs
Jessica Cohen

Session 5: Product prioritization

Identification of Key Attributes and Prioritization of Product Development
Judy Manning (USAID)

Key Discussant:
Prioritising MPT Product - A Few Reflections
R. Gangakhedkar (NARI)

Session 6: Challenges in the R&D pathway for MPTs: Limitations, gaps and opportunities

Challenges in MPT research: limitations, gaps and opportunities
Alan Stone (MEDSA/CAMI)

Considerations for the Regulatory Approval of Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs)
Cara Chrisman (USAID)

MPTs: An industry perspective
Jaideep Gogtay (CIPLA)

Session 7: Involving the end-users and providers in the development and access of MPTs

Users' and Providers' Perspectives on MPTs: What do we know, and what do we need to know?
Martha Brady (Population Council)

Involving End Users and Health System in the Development of/Access to MPTs: The Indian context
Shalini Bharat (TISS)

Session 8: Availability and access of MPTs: Implementation issues

Availability, Access and Utilization of MPTs: Issues and Challenges
D. Bachani, (LHMC)

Availability and Access of MPTs: Implementation Issues
Bulbul Sood (JHPIEGO)

Availability & Access of MPTs: Implementation Issues Innovative partnerships/business models
Reynold Washington (KHPT)